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I receive a lot of questions like, “terilyn, how do you afford to travel?”, “Traveling is so expensive Idk how you do it.” Well, honestly, it all starts with budgeting while you’re at home. So, I decided to create a template of how I go about planning my monthly budget.

It’s really important to know roughly how much money you’re earning in a year and each month and, where it’s all going. Once you know that, you can figure out how much money you need to support yourself and to do all the fun things you want.

So, what I do is total out my yearly income and from that it allows me know how much I have each month to play with. Below, you can enter your information and learn about where your money is going. All you have to do is input your info and go off into the world of budgeting! Feel free to adjust what you may need to!

Total yearly income:

Total monthly income:

Monthly Bills




  • Phone:

  • Gas, Water, Electric:

  • Netflix:

  • Spotify:

  • Crossfit:

  • Lashes:

  • Nails:

  • Storage:

  • Credit Card Payments:

  • Transportation:

  • Emergency fund:

Weekly Groceries:

Monthly Savings:

Fun & Entertainment:


Six Month to Yearly Expenses


Car Insurances:

Car Registration:

Car Repairs & Maintenance:

Membership Fees:

Pet Care:


Events & Celebrations:

Renter Insurance:


Business Subscriptions:

That’s it! Super simple. As soon as you know where your money is going you can get a heck of a lot better at spending it.

Finance tips

  • Think about opening up a savings account. Even if you can put $5 or $100 a week in it, open it. Saving accounts encourage better budgeting and financial security. When you think about opening a savings account keep in mind you don’t have to open it at a bank you currently bank with. Think about opening it at another bank so you’re not tempted to spend it all lol.

  • Cook at home. You will save so much more money if you eat the food you have in the refrigerator lol. stop eating out hahah

  • Plan ahead!!! Sometimes I’ll create a weekly fun budget and leave the credit cards’s at home so I don’t spend extra. This will totally help with budgeting .

  • Allow yourself to splurge. Don’t go too crazy but also allow yourself to splurge when you can.

  • Say no to things. You don’t always have to go out with your friends for drinks and dinner and that is okay! Where I live, a cocktail is easily $12-$17. You can buy a bottle of your spirit of choice for about $30 as long as you’re down to make your own drinks.

  • Set goals, whether they’re big or small, set them. You can make a goal to save $10 every week and at the end of a year you’ll have $520 extra dollars. (Sometimes you can even find a roundtrip flight to London for less than that)

  • Identify if you spend more than you earn each month and figure out why.

  • Create a shopping list so, when you grocery shopping and only buy what’s on your list.

  • think about how you use your credit card.

  • ****Pay yourself first!!!!!! You worked hard for that money!

  • Think about passive saving. There are tons of apps out there like digt, Stash & Albert that do all the saving for you!

  • Delete your food ordering apps. They are sucking you dry and you can just eat the food you have in the fridge!!!

  • Worry about yourself. No one except you is going to take an interest in your financial future. Maybe if more of us started thinking like this then we’d stop looking for sugar daddies and get back to living our best life.

Just to be clear, I have never studied finance and I’m not sure this is the best way but this is what works for me, now and over the years! You have to do your own research because there’s so much information about saving and financial planning that was not included in this post. I just want to encourage people to save and manage their money more efficiently.