- that's a real one, in your reflection -

There was a point in my life where I felt Like, I was in a rut creativity. At that time, I had not created any art for about two years. I felt like I wasn’t an artist and my creativity was lost forever never to be seen again… It was a sad realization to know I would never create art every again. Until I realized my creativity was never lost, creativity never leave it just needs it just needs to be found in different spaces. I needed to get out there and try new things, learn more about everything, talk to new people, and have new experiences. I started to thinking of myself as an explorer who had just discover a new land and my creativity was a result of the journey. 

When I am exploring, I am creating, weather that be in writing, painting, needle point, photography, baking singing... I feel like the best version of myself. It’s this somewhat indescribable feeling some people associate with passion. But, it’s not passion, for me, it’s a need like food & water. Creativity is who I am and will always be. Anywhooo… I need to take an adventure to the black sand beach within the next two weeks. Anyone want to voulenterr as tribute? 

Terilyn Steverson