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As I was walking around San Francisco a couple days ago, looking at logos, billboards, poster, and flags as I usually do, the main thing that caught my eye was that everything looks the same. Clean, lines, simple, modern. When I left San Francisco and went to the mall all the clothes in literally every store are EXACTLY the same!!! As a matter of fact! EVERYTHING IS LITERALLY THE SAME (I think about this with Photography but - that is another post for another day**)! I feel like I’m living a world that is only mashed potatoes, every meal (like only- no seasoning, side or anything). In this day in age, with all the easily accessed content, why think outside the box and think about the next move? When you don’t have to think about what to do next you can't make plans and realize your situation can be changed. They (#satan) doesn’t want us to think. Why promote creativity and thinking outside of the box when it’s easier to have someone think for you. You can control and distract people easier that way. #rant

I learned something new about myself today. My long drive from Vacaville to San Francisco give me a lot of time to think about things and, think about why things are the way they are. Now that I live close to my job I don’t have think time while driving into the city, am I even thinking for myself anymore? I really miss that.


***I think about this a lot when it comes to design and photography. A lot of designers and photographers turn to places like Instagram, Pinterest and Google to find inspiration and while those outlets are tools they will give you the same result that everyone else has. There are so many designers and photographers with exactly the same style. You could put work of five different designers and photographers next to each other and think all of the work came from the same person. 

Where is the variety? Give me something different to look at, give me something interesting that will make me think and inspire me. 



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