- i think i like who i'm becoming ✨ 2019 -

💫🌟 Here comes a long post about how amazing my 2018 has been! Brought to you by Spongebob, Crew love by Drake and  Jane Eyre. 💫🌟 

2017 was probably the most terrible year of my life so as people tend to do at in endings, I decided there is no way I will continue not living my best possible life. So I did what any mid 20 year old would do once they’ve made up their mind to do something, I thought about it and then started binge watching sponge bob. 😁 Mid way through this series I started to realize that Squidward’s life is pretty much miserable (Even though he pretty much has a great life, I also learned a lot about perspective but that’s another topic for another day.) and I totally get it. At some point in life we just start to accept that the way our life is, is how it has to be… But for some reason I can’t fully believe that… I decided that if I wanted 2018 to be the best year of my life filled with the best things a girl could ask for I have the power to do something about it. So, I started with an idea and a plan for 2018 to be amazing! My 2018 intentions were, keep my life more Spiritually focused, intentional, and fun. I decided to focus more on my relationship with God, Traveling, and making more intentional thoughtful decision. For me, those three changes gave me a year that I feel like I can look back on and be incandescently proud of. I am leaving 2018 feeling well dressed, well traveled, and well loved. In 2018 I finally started feeling like the women I have always dreamed of. As we head into the new year with new adventures, and experience, I will leave you something I think may be the most perfect composition of inspiring words by Charlotte Brontë, that I will take with me into 2019 “…I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.” How was your 2018? Did you accomplish the things you wanted? 

My 2019 Goals 

  • Reg Pioneer

  • Read three books 

  • Dress Better 

  • Work on personal brand

  • laugh more 

  • travel with friends more 

  • start thrifting

  • read more books

  • be more hospitable

  • go out of my way more so for people

  • be more genuine

  • travel more around the bay

  • become more interested in people

  • ask more questions

  • become a better photographer

  • create more photo blogs

….I think that’s it as of now. I’ll keep you posted on the progress! 

Terilyn Steverson